A46 Dualling, Nottingham

The Brief

To assess viability and methodology of, then to translocate woodland and hedgerow from the footprint of the new road scheme.

What we did

  • We coppiced mature woodland using a 21T excavator and tree shears whilst working from a sacrificial corridor of woodland soil meaning that 85% of the woodland soil could be translocated without having been compacted.
  • Native plants were lifted by hand, and coppiced stumps were excavated and moved to the receptor site.
  • We prepared the receptor site by removing topsoil and breaking up subsoil, then installed stumps and translocated soils, and re-planted native plants.
  • 3km of the 9km of hedge present was deemed suitable for translocation and reestablishment. Existing hedge was coppiced then excavated using a 21T excavator and a deep, sharp lifting bucket.
  • Any damaged side roots were pruned in accordance with best practice, and once the hedge had been planted in its receptor trench, voids around the roots were filled by hand. The translocated hedge then underwent a watering regime.

The Outcome

Both the translocated woodland, and the hedgerow established well. Woodland coppice regrowth was as expected and woodland flora from the transplanted soils were abundant.