HS1 Channel Tunnel, Kent 1999-2000

The Brief

Practicality Brown already had 10 years of tree transplanting experience having operated tree spade machines since 1990. It was for this reason that we were engaged to produce a viability assessment, followed by the translocation itself. The agreed plan was to coppice, lift, transport and replant large areas of Sweet Chestnut coppice stools along with the woodland soils on 2 sites between Ashford and Gravesend in Kent.

What we did

  • Felling and Whole Tree Chipping across the site including the clearance of coppiced stools in the chosen Sweet Chestnut Translocation donor sites
  • We invested in novel machinery and training in order to provide a condensed programme to meet project requirements. This included our first AHWI tracked mulcher in 1999, which was the first 350hp mulcher to be imported to the UK.
  • We pioneered the use of low ground pressure Hydrema dumpers fitted with wide low ground pressure tyres.

We gained a lot of knowledge about viability and methodology during this contract.

The Outcome

Despite poor timing due to site constraints and a very wet winter, the success rate was deemed good by all involved.