Lichfield – Ancient Woodland Translocation

The Brief

We were asked to sensitively remove trees without damaging the soil within 4 areas of ancient woodland. Soils in their individual layers, as well as coppice stools were then to be moved to a receptor site and installed in the same order they were removed.

What we did

  • Trees were felled under a bat licence. Soft felling was required at all times to prevent any damage to the woodland soils.  Trees were felled in sections using long reach excavators working off the woodland soil of lowered in sections by arborists from MEWPS or using rope access techniques
  • Soil was carefully excavated under the watchful eye of HS2’s soil scientist. Working off bog mats or sub soil to ensure no damage to the woodland soil, each soil horizon was lifted using excavators with adapted buckets fitted to tilt rotators and transported by tracked dumpers to receptor sites.
  • Coppice stools, and monoliths were placed prior to soils being laid. Dead wood features were positioned after soil placement.  Agricultural soil from the receptor site was transported and laid, replacing the donor site materials.

The Outcome

  • Over 25,000 m3 Ancient Woodland Soil Translocated over 5.25 hectares.
  • 220 tonnes of greenwood / stumps / dead wood positioned in receptor sites. 50 + monoliths erected in receptor site and 75 + coppice stools translocated and planted.