Norwich Northern Distributor Road – Vegetation Clearance

The Brief

The project entailed the mechanised clearance of blocks of trees and individual trees, boundary hedgerows and scrub vegetation over multiple sites to establish the line of the new road.

What we did

  • Trees were felled using excavators with tree shears supported by chainsaw operatives. Some trees were winched away from highways under traffic management conditions.
  • Excavators and tree shears were used to minimise the risk of damage caused by incorrect felling, and to eliminate any risks associated with manual handling and working at height.
  • Arising timber, brash and vegetation was moved around the site using low ground impact forestry forwarder.
  • Timber was stacked and graded into saw logs and chip wood. All timber was sold locally within a 15-mile radius, minimising the carbon footprint.
  • To minimise vehicle movements from site, all treetops and vegetation not suitable for timber or woodchip was mulched using a purpose-built forestry mulcher.  The material was incorporated into the topsoil and reused on site as part of the earthworks package.

The outcome

This scheme was delivered safely, on time, and within budget, by combining our industry experience in both forestry and construction. From feedback, we believe that the main contractor and ultimate client were extremely satisfied with our operations. 

Due to the ecological and utility constraints we have made multiple successful return visits to site to deal with specific issues over a 15 month period.