Silvertown – London – Urban Vegetation Clearance

The Brief

We were tasked to clear trees and shrubs from a landscaped embankment in preparation for a new development. The embankment ran alongside a busy road as well as the Docklands Light Railway and was also overlooked by adjacent high-rise apartment blocks.

Our works needed to be mechanised an efficient, yet safe and suitable for the job in such an urban environment.

What we did

  • The footpath plus the bus lane was closed off from the public to act as a safe working zone.
  • Trees were sheared using the excavator and tree shears. These were then passed over the existing palisade fence using the grab attachment, where they were chipped using the whole-tree chipper.
  • Oversize timber and shrubs were cleared by chainsaw operatives who assisted the excavator with the clearance.
  • Timber was picked prior to felling for use in the local community. This timber was cut cleanly and set to one side for collection separately.
  • All other vegetation was chipped using the whole tree chipper and was taken from site for further processing, then use in biomass boilers.

The outcome

The project was completed on time and ready for the development to progress. All chosen timber was successfully salvaged and transported for milling, then delivery to the local community for use in furniture making carpentry projects. The client was pleased with our works and we have subsequently returned to site to complete a further two phases of clearance.