Our Fleet / Machinery

Our large mechanised fleet of clearance equipment can complete any site clearance, in any environment.

Practicality Brown has a comprehensive fleet of specialist plant and machinery with the ability to undertake a full range of clearance operations for forestry, civil engineering and construction projects. 

Our continuous investment in high-quality, advanced professional equipment means we can deliver a broad spectrum of tree and complex mechanical ground clearance services to our clients, safely and efficiently.


Equipment Description Image
21 tonne Excavators Komatsu PC210 are the largest excavators in our fleet, and extremely well suited to deal with larger tree felling and re-handling of timber. These machines are powerful and precise with good reach on a stable footing. Forestry specified with FOPS demolition guards and also fitted with rubber track pads so it can be used on the road.

14 to 15 tonne Excavators Our mid-range excavators are CAT315 and Komatsu PC138s. These versatile excavators are the ideal sized machine for most sites. Zero tail-swing, FOPS demolition guarded, on rubber track pads.  Excavators can also be supplied with height and slew restrictors.

8 to 9 tonne Excavators The smallest of the excavators we regularly use for our environmental contracting operations. The CAT309 and Komatsu PC80. High specification clearance machines with uprated pumps.  These high flow machines are extremely powerful and stable for their size.  Well suited for smaller work sites but hold their own when need to tackle large clearance works.  They can be delivered to site without the need for a low loader. Zero tail-swing, fitted with FOPS demolition guards, rubber track pads, with height restrictor.

When demand requires, we use specialist excavators, often fitted with our own attachments and driven by our skilled operators.

Specialist excavators are hired from one of our approved suppliers and can include 8 to 35 tonne long reach machines or 30 to 50 tonne high-reach machines.

Specialist excavator attachments

Equipment Description Image
Dymax Shears – The strongest shears on the market. Ideal for securely holding, cutting and manoeuvring large sections of timber.  Fitted with rotators to enable safe cutting and handling. Each size excavator on the fleet has a corresponding shear.  Dependant on the machine shears can cut from 10” to 16” diameter timber.  Shears can be used when there is a risk of contamination from foreign objects such as stones of metal fencing material
TMK Shears – Used on our 8-9T excavators. A quick cut ideal for clearing hedgerows and lighter, multi-stemmed vegetation.
Forestcutter – The Forestcutter uses a spinning disc fitted with carbide teeth to cut vegetation rather than shearing blades. The attachment makes cutting multi-stem vegetation such as hedgerow and medium size timber extremely productive.  An essential attachment when a clearing long lengths of hedge on open sites.
Selector grabs with timber tines – We operate a range of timber grabs, in sizes suitable for any excavator. All fitted with rotators for easy handling of logs and branches around sites.
15T Hydraulic Winch – A powerful hydraulic winch which fits the 21-25 tonne and 14-15 tonne excavators. Principally used to directionally-fell trees, but also used to pull timber out of areas where machines can’t easily access.  
Root Rakes – Root rakes are used to grub-out stumps and roots after clearance.  Extremely strong attachments used to dig / grub out stumps ready for processing. We have root rakes available for excavators from 2.5 to 25 tonnes.
Flail Heads – Fixed and swing tooth flail heads available for all excavators in the fleet.  Used to clear scrub and smaller vegetation (up to 150 mm diameter) in and around retained trees, on awkward terrain or amongst hidden debris.
Wood-Cracker & Cone Splitter – For processing large sections of timber not suitable for the timber industry.  Split timber would be processed as a biomass wood fuel. These attachments are available for excavators from 8 to 21 tonnes.
Stump-grinder – Can be fitted to excavators from 8 to 15 tonnes.  Used when removing small numbers of stumps (less than 50) or if the stump is in difficult-to-access location such as a bank or around retained infrastructure. 
Excavator Buckets – All excavators have a range of digging and grading buckets. 14 and 21 tonne excavators have specially designed buckets for woodland and hedgerow translocation.
Dutch Dragon Whole-Tree Chipper – The 550HP Dutch Dragon crane fed chipper is mounted on an all-terrain 8-wheel drive Tier 4 Komatsu forwarder. The machine has good off road capability and can process over 150 tonnes per day.  The Dragon can chip timber up to 500 mm diameter and has an integral 20 m3 chip bin, so chip can be transported to any area of site, before tipping into walking floor trailers, bins, or stockpiles.
Axsel AX10045 Whole-Tree Chipper powered by Fendt 942  – Our Axsel whole-tree chipper powered by the largest and most powerful of our tractors, the Tier 5 420hp Fendt 942. The crane fed Axsel chipper is capable of processing material up to 1000 mm diameter Tractor-towed chipper, the Axsel can be driven directly onto site, or between sites, with chip either stockpiled or blown into adjacent walking floor trailers, bins, or tractor trailers.
Jenz 561 Whole-Tree Chipper – This road towable whole-tree chipper can process material up to  600 mm diameter and with 490hp, is able to produce over 200 tonnes of high-quality biomass woodchip per day. Timber and brash are loaded by an excavator or the forestry forwarder. The machine is ideal for blowing chip directly into adjacent walking floor trailers, bins, tractor trailers, or onto stockpiles.
SAMPO FR28 Forestry Forwarder – A lightweight purpose-built forwarder with a 9 tonne payload.  A small low ground pressure forwarder perfect for site clearance, low impact ecological on construction and forestry sites. Its integral crane has a 10m reach and its 8-wheel drive chassis allows it access to some of the most adverse terrain.  It is available to move timber and branches, or, using custom-built stillages, can move and transport stumps and root balls.
Prinoth Raptor 500 tracked mulcher – With 420hp, this all-terrain tracked forestry mulcher is capable of mulching standing trees, scrub, timber, and the largest of stumps. For complete mulching, stumps should be grubbed out and positioned in windrows using the excavators and root rakes. The Prinoth mulching head gives a high quality, level, mulched finish providing clients with a clear and usable site. The Raptor 500 has ROPS & FOPS protection and a Tier 5 Engine.
AHWI RT400 tracked mulcher – An all-terrain 400hp tracked mulcher which is capable of mulching standing trees, scrub, timber, and large stumps. Its Prinoth UZM700 mulching head provides an excellent mulched finish. The RT400 has ROPS & FOPS protection.
Fendt 824 with AHWI M650 Mulcher / Teagle X PRO Heavy Duty Flail Mower – This extremely capable 240 hp forestry guarded tractor, with its AHWI mulcher is excellent at processing hedges, branches, small trees, stumps and scrub such as rhododendron, gorse and thorn. When fitted with its Teagle Flail it can easily clear grass, dense scrub and small trees up to 100 mm in diameter, leaving a mulched finish. With 50 km rated forestry tyres, it can drive between multiple sites, and is fully forestry guarded with ROPS & FOPS protection.
McConnel ROBOPower & Prinoth M450 Mulching Head – The ROBOPower is a 140hp radio-controlled machine fitted with a fixed-tooth mulching head. It has an extremely low ground-pressure and centre of gravity so it can work on sensitive sites and slopes up to 40 degrees. Its metal tracks have been fitted with rubber road pads give it great traction on both soft and hard ground.  The Prinoth head can clear dense scrub and small trees leaving an excellent mulched finish.
Först TR8 Tracked Chipper – Tracked chippers are available to use with our chainsaw ground teams. This hand-fed chipper can process stems up to 200mm (8”) diameter and produces good quality arb chip. Tracked base gives it excellent all-terrain capabilities and its small size makes it ideal for difficult-access sites. This chipper can be towed to site on a trailer behind one of our 4x4s.
Vermeer SC60TX Stump-Grinder – Tracked stump-grinders are radio-controlled, allowing the operator to stand at a safe distance, and can be used to grind stumps to ground level, or just below ground level. Its tracked base makes it ideal for sites with difficult access and its ability to be towed to site behind a 4×4 means it can be mobilised easily and quickly.
Handling timber and woodchip AVANTS and JCBs T – We have a range of AVANTS and JCB telehandlers and loaders. All used to move timber & woodchip around sites and load lorries.  The AVANTS are an extremely useful tool on small sites with awkward access. 

Scania 410 8-Wheeled RO RO Hook loader lorry – Our hook-lorry is primarily used for delivering premium quality woodchip biomass from our chip-hub. It has a range of RO RO bins from 20 to 50 yd3 for moving woodchip and logs and a flat bed bin for moving plant and attachments and when fitted with bolsters up to 15 tonnes of timber

This Euro 6 lorry complies with FORS accreditation and operates under our operator’s licence.

Optimal 1100 Tree Spade – Mounted on a Kramer 520 Compact Loader, this tree spade is able to translocate most species of tree with a stem diameter of up to 110 mm. Unlike many American-style machines, these blades are shaped to ensure rootball width is maximised in the fibrous root zone.
Big John 1.6m Tree Spade – This tree spade moves most species of tree up to 160mm diameter stem (500mm girth). The powerful hydraulic digging action produces rootball sizes from 1 m to 1.6 m diameter.
Mounted on Mercedes 4×4 chassis with front and rear axle diff-locks and centre diff-lock for maximum manoeuvrability and far superior traction, with minimum ground disturbance, it is also fitted with the latest high specification extra wide flotation tyres which minimise ground compaction.
Operators, Arborists & Site Supervisors – We can provide highly skilled machine operators, arborists and site supervisors to undertake all aspects o our contracting activities.

Machine operators –  fully trained and experienced to undertake certified with CPCS, Forestry Machinery Operators  CPCS, CSCS

Arborists or Chainsaw operators for ground works, and climbing teams for sectional felling, and aerial chainsaw operations – All hold relevant NPTC and Lantra qualifications and CSCS cards.
Site Supervisors and Site managers SSSTS and SMSTS qualified Site Supervisors to manage the works.