Environmental Contracting

Our environmental contract services include reconstructive landscaping and providing protective measures to look after a variety of animal species living on any site.

We conduct pond building and dead hedging as well as providing support to protected specials, such as installing reptile fencing, badge sett construction, and bat mitigation measures.

Ecological mitigation

  • Bat mitigation. We erect man made bat roosts or bat boxes, creating roost features within retained trees
  • Veteranisation of trees to promote biodiversity by simulating natural aging and damage caused by weather, animals, or disease
  • Creating Hibernacula and basking banks for reptiles
  • Pond digging for creation of new wetlands
  • Artificial badger sett construction
  • Reptile and badger/mammal fencing
  • Dead hedging and bat flightline creation
  • Destructive searches. We work with ecologists to check a habitat is clear of wildlife. Including root systems, closed badger sett, pond draining and back filling, removal of potential roost features in trees, removal of potential dormouse habitat
  • Planting for climate control –different tree species will need to be planted in the UK to help us adapt to the inevitable climate change

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