Forestry services and mulching

We have extensive forestry woodland management experience. With a fleet of 4 specialist mulchers, we clear and prepare all areas of land for future replanting or development.

Our forestry mulching services include preparing large areas of clear fell or thinned forestry land and removing all above ground stumps and forestry residues to provide an easy to access surface ready for re stocking.

On sites where cleared vegetation is not suitable for processing as biomass, Practicality Brown complete hedgerow, scrub vegetation and small tree mulching. All mulched material is then left on site to breakdown and return to the ground.

Our specialist mulching machinery is used to recycle small size timber, low-level brash from felled trees, roots and scrub vegetation are mulched on site. This product is then returned to the ground as organic matter that breakdowns quickly and incorporated into the soil. This process leaves a clear level site for efficient stock replenishment or development.

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