Woodland translocation

Practicality Brown are one of the UKs most experienced woodland translocation contractors, managing this complex but environmentally important task from concept to completion.

Our systematic approach to this intricate operation means our clients trust us to survey, plan and deliver whole woodland translocation projects minimising damage to woodland soil structure and features .

The soil, its structure, plants, seed bank and fungus mycorrhizal within, hold the building blocks to successful woodland translocation. We ensure ancient woodland soil is carefully protected and handled during the process, with ultimate sensitivity to its natural eco system, from which the translocated woodland will flourish.

How woodland translocation works:

  • Survey potential ancient woodland translocation sites and plan a soil science-based strategy 
  • Preparation of receptor, with topsoil removed down to the sub soil at a depth to receive donor soils, including drainage as necessary.
  • Preparation of donor site, whilst minimising impact to woodland soils
  • Soil is lifted in horizontal layers and transported to the receptor site, where it is laid in similar horizontal layers
  • Small trees, coppice stools, stumps, dead wood, and other woodland features are moved and placed at the receptor site
  • The process is repeated until the donor woodland has been cleared and soils have been fully translocated
  • Soil from the receptor site is placed back into the donor site once cleared
  • An ongoing maintenance programme implemented to aid successful reestablishment.

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